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Life After the RD Exam

So what exactly happens after you are a RD/RDN? For one, you feel relieved and not sure what to do with all the free time you have (if you are not already tied to a full-time job). If you don’t have a full-time job, almost everyone you know will be asking you when you will be getting a job, if you already applied, and what your plan is.

After you pass, the CDR will contact you via email in a few days (took them 3 days for me). They will congratulate you and give you a bunch of information on using their online system (good email to bookmark). About 4 days after that, I received an email about the fees I would need to pay. If you don’t feel broke enough already, (after college, your internship and $200 for the test), you will after you see all the money you have to send to the CDR and your state. I had thought the $60 maintenance fee to the CDR for your registration card was a one time deal. I thought wrong! It’s $60 per year ($300 up front for the 5-year certification period) for them to maintain your portal for the CPE credits and what not. I will be posting another blog about how to set-up your learning plan (another complicated task that I was glad my internship had us practice prior!).

PA Licensure
Finding the licensure information for my state was very difficult! I didn’t realize that Dietitian-Nutritionists are listed under the State Board of Nursing (because that makes sense…not). Anyways, if you are in PA, follow the link below and find the link that says “Application for Dietitian-Nutritionist.” You will need to print, fill-out, and mail this form along with $45 to PA Board of Nursing. The form is pretty simple; however, you need to request verification of the registration letter from the CDR. I have a link below for that as well. It will ask for the email address of the person who needs it, in this case “,” which is at the top of the paper application. The CDR will then send an email with your letter. I also got a copy sent to myself, just to have it. Some states do not require their Dietitians to be licensed. If so, you have saved yourself $45.

2014-06-01 16.14.582014-06-02 14.46.30 One thing I definitely suggest you doing after you pass your test is go out, celebrate, and/or go on a vacation! You deserve it and it will give you a refreshed mind for when its time to set-up your learning plans, build your resume, and do some job searching. My vacation landed me right by the bay/beach. I love having this time to myself so I can do all the things I have been putting off (for studying purposes) like reading a good novel, painting, or just spending good quality time with my friends, family, and boyfriend 🙂

As always, good luck to those finishing up your internships or studying for the RD exam!

PA Licensure Application:
Verification from CDR:
Additional Information about Licensure: