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Dietitian Eats: WIAW (10/14/15)

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It’s that time again! Time for what you say? To see what I eat in a day! I know you are super excited (I am). Anyways, today, was all over the place! Between counseling appointments, my walking group, and running between 2 stores I think I am tapped out for the day. Not to mention, getting my private practice insurance essentials all squared away is a headache in itself! That being said, my day wasn’t all that exciting nutrition-wise. So, let’s have at it!

This morning, I started with my typical shake: frozen raspberries and mango, vegan protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, chia seeds, ginger, and cinnamon. I got a new plant-based protein powder that they started selling at my store. I like it because it is very fine powder, so it blends well. Plus, I don’t find an aftertaste.

I packed a delicious baked apples snack today, but never got to eat it 😦 Lunch was leftovers from the night before: stir-fried tofu (super firm) + steamed broccoli + steamed potatoes. I started off sautéing the potatoes, but they were taking forever. I ended up throwing them in my steamer instead. I honestly didn’t even eat my whole lunch today. Very
unusual for me; however, I wiped out (literally) on my way back into work, so I was a wee bit flustered.

I lead a walking group on Wednesday nights, so I had a small bowl of gluten-free granola with chia and flax seeds in it before I went. Pre-shower, I made another shake, similar to the one at breakfast. Did I mention I love my Nutri-bullet for days like this?

Post-shower, I roasted some brussels sprouts. I love, love, love roasted brussels sprouts. I just sliced them in half, sprinkled some olive oil, juiced 1/2 a lemon, and added a no-salt seasoning blend (garlic, oregano, parsley, etc). I baked them for about 15 minutes on 375 degrees F. I barely waited until I sat at the table before eating them. A powerhouse of antioxidants and all that good stuff! I probably would have eaten more had I made more.

I snacked on a Fig Bar in between my meals. Love these for the no artificial crap kind of deal. I’m probably going to sneak in another snack at some point tonight. I really didn’t get to eat much (especially veggies) with all the back and forth I did today. I think I am leaning more towards my pumpkin tortilla chips with pine nut hummus. Staying with the fall flavors 🙂 Today is the kind of day I should have packed more on-the-go snacks instead of heat and serve type items. I’m thinking I need to restock my emergency car supply of food!

How was your day today? Have you ever tried roasted brussels sprouts?


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Hi there! My name is Felicia Porrazza and I am the owner and Registered Dietitian behind PorrazzaNutrition. Outside of my business, I teach nutrition at Bucks County Community College. In my spare time, I love to to knit, make string art (see below), test new recipes, and keep active (hiking, biking, lifting, gardening... anything really!). PorrazzaNutrition is all about bringing wellness to YOU through in-home and virtual nutrition services. This means you can show me products you have questions about or have me there to guide you through a new recipe! I hope you will join me on your healthy lifestyle journey and kiss the diets goodbye!

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