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Dietitian Eats: Dinner Edition

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So, today was a bit crazy at work. Let me tell you how absolutely grateful I am to have an intern (and a pretty awesome one at that)! Not only do I have an extra set of hands for events; but, I can also bounce ideas off of her. I also really like teaching someone things I learned. It is pretty cool to be on the opposite side after being an intern myself 🙂

Instead of giving you a rundown of my eats for the day, I decided to focus on dinner. Mainly because I made something pretty awesome from leftovers and also because I forgot to take pictures of all my other meals…Whoops 🙂

I didn’t get in until late tonight, so I was debating on a quick shake or actually making something. I decided I wanted something hot. Let me preface this with earlier in the week, I had cooked off a bunch of brown rice and leftover faro. Made it easy to throw in my lunches. So, I started off with 2 veggie burgers. I get these ones from Aldi’s. I like these for the limited number of ingredients and the fact that I know what all of them are. Each patty has 3g of fiber and 5g of protein. Made with carrots, peas, oats, zucchini, edamame, corn, and string beans mainly.

So, I sautéed my veggie burgers in some olive oil, garlic, minced onion, and oregano. I threw in some hemp seeds for a little more fiber and protein. One the veggie burgers were pretty much cooked, I broke them apart and added my rice. I also splashed on some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (soy sauce alternative). Bragg’s is a vegetable protein made from certified non-GMO soybeans. No preservatives, no alcohol, and gluten-free. I’ve been in a mood for artichokes lately, so I added a few canned artichokes (marinated in just olive oil and spices). Lastly, I threw in some fresh leftover spinach I had. I left that all cook together for about 5 minutes…and presto dinner!

I’m a huge fan of one dish meals; less clean-up plus I like mixing everything together for the best flavors anyways. I tend to do similar types of cooking for dinner. This only took maybe 10-15 minutes? It could have been shorter, but I was doing homework and forgot to put a lid on to trap the steam. If you do something similar, you can always throw in your favorite veggie (instead of the spinach) or use some shredded potatoes instead of the rice.

What did you make for dinner tonight?

Author: PorrazzaNutrition

Hi there! My name is Felicia Porrazza and I am the owner and Registered Dietitian behind PorrazzaNutrition. Outside of my business, I teach nutrition at Bucks County Community College. In my spare time, I love to to knit, make string art (see below), test new recipes, and keep active (hiking, biking, lifting, gardening... anything really!). PorrazzaNutrition is all about bringing wellness to YOU through in-home and virtual nutrition services. This means you can show me products you have questions about or have me there to guide you through a new recipe! I hope you will join me on your healthy lifestyle journey and kiss the diets goodbye!

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